Project Replication Documents

(1) General information about the grant or permission to replicate PROJECT HOPE
Executive Summary for MHSA Grant

(2) Process for making a referral (for regional center) to receive PROJECT HOPE services
PROJECT HOPE Brochure for care providers
PROJECT HOPE Brochure for clients
PROJECT HOPE Referral instructions form
PROJECT HOPE Referral form used by regional center
PROJECT HOPE Consent for release of information form
PROJECT HOPE Client referral list template

(3) Documents related to conducting an intake for PROJECT HOPE/Direct Services to clients
Intake form for Alma Family Services to use
PROJECT HOPE Group psycho educational training center for 2013

(4) Documents related to Mental Health Trainings at the regional center
PROJECT HOPE Calendar of Mental Health Trainings in 2013
2013 Registration 5.18.13 Final
2013 Registration 5.23.13 Final
2013 Registration 9.23.13 Final
2013 Registration 10.21.13 Final (2)
Navigating the M.H. System (Families) pre-post test
Navigating the M.H. System (Workers) pre-post test
Signs and Symptoms (Families) pre-post test
Signs and Symptoms (Workers) pre-post test